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10 CUTE Animals That Can KILL You

We all love adorable, cute, snuggly animals, but sometimes those fluffy, squishy creatures just don’t love us back! For this installment, we’re going to ruin your image of some of Mother Nature’s most notably cute animals that may wind up killing you before showing you any affection.

18 hours ago | 3,550 views

10 Celebrities Who Are Now YouTubers

What’s a famous person to do when they’ve accomplished everything they set out to do in their life? Make a YouTube channel, of course! Maybe that's not on every celebs' to-do list, but for these 10 individuals, they've decided to get a little bit more personal with their audience and jointed everybody’s favorite video hosting service!

2 days ago | 15,702 views

Top 10 MOST Successful SUPERHERO Movies

They're everywhere, superheroes seem to be taking over Television, Netflix, and even Hollywood. With so many successful comic book related movies lately, it raises the question... which movies have been most successful thus far? Well, in this installment, we're going to cover just that!

4 days ago | 10,819 views

Top 10 Famous LAST Words

When faced with our own mortality, all we can hope to do is accept and embrace it gracefully and maybe mutter out a pretty memorable and coherent sentence as you meet your final moments- such as these 10 individuals.

6 days ago | 17,917 views

Top 10 Internet Fads We're Glad Don't Exist Anymore

The internet brings us many things, some good, mostly bad. In the true spirit of the internet, these fads don't tend to hang around too long, and we're glad that they don't - here is our pick of 10 internet dads we're glad don't exist anymore.

8 days ago | 24,397 views

10 WEIRD Things made out of GOLD

Have you ever sat and pondered what you would do if you have an exorbitant amount of money? Ponder no longer! With your mass of money, you’re going to enjoy the luxuries of any of these ten extremely bizarre, everyday items made and plated in gold!

10 days ago | 28,670 views

Top 10 Weirdest Things on Amazon

For those nights you’re just dying to spend money, there’s Amazon. Sure, you can look for something practical, or you can blow your cash on products that nobody in their right mind would ever consider purchasing. Items like these ten incredibly weird gems that you would never guess are for real and can be found on everybody’s favorite online marketplace.

12 days ago | 22,327 views

Meet the Top 10 Team

Although Top10Archive was created on September 27th, 2012 on YouTube, we didn’t start posting regular videos in our current format until March 7th, 2014. Sometimes it may seem that one person is behind the creation of Youtube videos, but our videos and articles found on this website are made possible by many people. Let’s meet the team!!