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Top 10 WEIRDEST Things Sold on eBay

If you’re looking for it, you’ll be able to find it on eBay. As broad and bold of a statement as that is, it’s pretty much true in any scenario if you consider the many weird auctions that found their way onto the popular auction house. For this Archive, we’re digging through countless auctions over the extensive lifetime of the auction site to find the top 10 weirdest things ever to grace the reputable pages of eBay.

10 hours ago | 2,297 views

Top 10 Urban Legends That AREN'T True

Everybody has a story – just not all of them are true. Some widely circulated stories, or urban legends, have been retold and believed so many times that they’ve been accepted as fact. Have you fallen victim to any of these top 10 harmless tall tales or can you spot a bona fide urban legend when you hear one?

2 days ago | 11,253 views

10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

It seems all we ever hear about is how terrible the world outside is. In fact, if you scour through YouTube comments or any Internet forum, you’ll find that acts or even words of kindness come few and far between. So who can blame us for wanting to put the spotlight on these Top 10 heartwarming acts of kindness caught on video?

4 days ago | 29,573 views

10 Actors Who Took Their Roles Too Seriously

Acting is an art, one that people approach in a variety of ways. Where some actors and actresses find themselves falling effortlessly into their roles, others are drawn deep into the part, to the point where they take method acting a little too far. These 10 Hollywood favorites are at the top of those that took their roles a little too seriously, potentially risking life, limb, and sanity to perfect the part.

6 days ago | 61,765 views

Top 10 WEIRDEST YouTube Videos

We won’t attest to being the most normal YouTube channel out there, but there are at least a rhyme and reason to our videos and occasional madness. Some videos on YouTube, however, are just crazy and weird just to be crazy and weird! We’ve scoured the darkest regions of the site we call home and pulled these 10 weirdest gems for your viewing displeasure.

8 days ago | 16,407 views

10 MIND BLOWING Riddles That Will Stump You Part 2

Mind benders, brain twisters, riddles, and puzzles – no matter what you call them, everybody seems to love them; and so we are back with another edition of 10 riddles.

9 days ago | 39,082 views

Top 10 Recently Discovered Earth Like Planets

The longer we stay on Earth, the more apparent it becomes that maybe we should have a backup plan should we live long enough to completely dry ‘er up. On our quest to find the perfect place to call Second Home, we’ve come across these incredible exoplanets. Factoring in the Earth Similarity Index or ESI, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Earth-like planets discovered over the past decade.

11 days ago | 82,162 views

Meet the Top 10 Team

Although Top10Archive was created on September 27th, 2012 on YouTube, we didn’t start posting regular videos in our current format until March 7th, 2014. Sometimes it may seem that one person is behind the creation of Youtube videos, but our videos and articles found on this website are made possible by many people. Let’s meet the team!!