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You may have heard of strange natural phenomenon, but due to their rarity may have never had the pleasure of experiencing them first hand. While we can’t call forth some amazing events for you to witness, we can put together this list of the ten strangest natural occurring events, complete with video proof!

2 days ago | 3,320 views

Top 10 Saddest DISNEY Movie Deaths

Before we proceed any further, we want you to think of puppies, kitties, and anything else that may bring joy to your heart. Hold onto those keepsakes, because the territory you're about to enter is filled with heartbreak and sorrow. There is a common theme among many Disney movies that seems pretty heavy for something generally meant to be loved by children, and this installment is going to explore that element. With a heavy heart, we present to you the Top 10 Saddest Disney Deaths.

3 days ago | 7,393 views

Top 10 Unforgettable TV Houses

We remember them like our own childhood homes - abodes that we grew up exploring within our favorite television programs. From black and white classics to more modern hovels, we are taking a trip down memory lane with these 10 most memorable TV homes!

4 days ago | 6,349 views

Top 10 Amazing Facts About India

Suggestions keep pouring in as to where we should travel next, and it looks like our metaphorical compass is pointing towards India! From Bengal Tigers and Sloth Bears to the Taj Mahal and exploring Mars, join us as we trek through 10 Amazing facts about India!

5 days ago | 10,239 views

Top 10 Creepy Clown Sightings

They're meant to bring joy and happiness to those around them, but sometimes clowns are no laughing matter. Since the early 80's, sightings of creepy clowns have phased in and out periodically across the globe. Coulrophobics beware as we move into spine-tingling territory with the 10 creepiest clown sightings.  

7 days ago | 19,397 views

Top 10 Stranger Things Facts You Didn't Know

The world is abuzz over Netflix's original series, Stranger Things, and who are we to deprive our beloved Archivists from divulging in their favorite television shows? The tale of Eleven, the missing Will Byers, and the mysterious organization at the heart of it all was a great call-back to the 80's, but, really, that's no secret to anyone that's watched it. Maybe, though, we can provide some new details about the quirky production with these 10 facts you didn't know about Stranger Things. In case it needs to be said, spoilers await in the Upside Down.

9 days ago | 13,556 views

10 SHOCKING Female Teacher and Student Affairs

While in school, have you ever had it bad for one of your teachers? It's okay if you did, it's a pretty common occurrence amongst adolescents. When the roles are reversed, however, you get an entirely different scenario that winds up on the evening news and in this taboo Archive of the top most 10 shocking teacher / student affairs.

11 days ago | 44,473 views

Meet the Top 10 Team

Although Top10Archive was created on September 27th, 2012 on YouTube, we didn’t start posting regular videos in our current format until March 7th, 2014. Sometimes it may seem that one person is behind the creation of Youtube videos, but our videos and articles found on this website are made possible by many people. Let’s meet the team!!