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Top 10 WORST Magic Trick FAILS

Magic, as poor Jim and Kelly are finding, is a delicate art. It requires the right individual to be in the right frame of mind to pull off perfectly. Which means that not everybody that tries it will succeed… professionals and amateurs alike. Which is how we have these 10 magic trick fails for your viewing pleasure.

16 hours ago | 14,301 views

Top 10 Mind Blowing Paradoxes

A paradox is a question or statement that completely goes against logic. From time travel, to the Twin Paradox, we're giving you our picks for the top 10 mind blowing paradoxes.

4 days ago | 22,720 views

10 Children's Books Turned Racist

We take a look into the past at popular children's books that have now been surrounded by controversy due to their negative, derogatory and prejudice contents. Spanning from a boy and a giant peach to adventures down the river with your best friend, this is the top children's books you didn't know were racist.

6 days ago | 15,108 views

Top 10 Most Controversial Movies

We turn to movies for entertainment, but it’s not uncommon for the subject matter of certain films make it a little difficult for most to swallow. Throughout cinematic history, there have been movies known for their controversy and these ten memorable features represent the most controversial of their time. Warning. Some information in this video may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

8 days ago | 15,149 views

10 Underrated YouTube Channels

In the veritable forest of channels available to us on YouTube, many diamonds get lost in the rough - never getting the chance they should, to reach the masses. Well, that's where we hope to help as we take a look at 10 of the most underrated youtube channels! If you think this should be an ongoing series or have someone you think could have made this list, let us know in the comment section below!

10 days ago | 9,463 views

Top 10 Historic Sports Stadiums Still In Use

Since ancient times, man has sought means of entertainment. For most of us, that happens to be found in the large world of sports. With athletics growing to be such a large part of the human culture, it comes as no surprise that such fantastic architectural creativity has gone into constructing some stadiums. In this installment, we're counting down our pick for the top 10 most historic sports arenas still in use today!

12 days ago | 6,754 views

10 BIZARRE Things Found in Space

You thought that just because we’d made our rounds throughout our galaxy that we were done with our intergalactic travel? Psh. There’s so much more in that deep vast blackness that will keep us busy for some time to come – such as these 10 incredibly bizarre and unusual objects that have either been found in or have come from space!

14 days ago | 33,115 views

Meet the Top 10 Team

Although Top10Archive was created on September 27th, 2012 on YouTube, we didn’t start posting regular videos in our current format until March 7th, 2014. Sometimes it may seem that one person is behind the creation of Youtube videos, but our videos and articles found on this website are made possible by many people. Let’s meet the team!!